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Denominazione d'origine protetta
The D.O.P. (Protected designation of origin) Certification was born in 1992 as an effect of the 2018/92 CEE Regulation by the European Community.
Denominazione d'origine protetta
A decree by the italian Ministry of Agriculture (July 21st, 1998) forbids the use of the naming “mozzarela di bufala” (even without the add of the adjective “campana”) for any pulled-curd cheese derived from...
Cibus 2022
Corvino's Dairy

Corvino farm is carefully dedicated to breeding of buffaloes, investing its resources in the control of milk quality, through a process that takes place in three basic steps:

  • Choosing the livestock
  • Accurate controls
  • Respecting sanitary and hygienic regulations

21 S. Maria a Cubito street, 81030 - Cancello Arnone (CE)

Phone: +39 0823 856 766
Phone: +39 0823 859 596
Fax: +39 0823 858 801


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