Buffalo Mozzarella

Protected designation of Origin

Mozzarela VS provola

Mozzarela VS provola

In ancient times, because of its perishable nature, the mozzarella was produced in very small quantities and consumed locally by an elite of tasters. At first the mozzarella began as a less noble varieties of "provola" (smpked mozzarella), which instead was easier storage. This explains the absence of mozzarella by the ancient Neapolitan cribs, famously filled with food belonging to the culinary tradition of the Neapolitan people and where, in fact, they included "provole".

In '700 the mozzarella begins to be increasingly present on the markets of Naples. With the unification of Italy instead formed in Aversa (NA) a wholesale market called "Taverna", which established a daily basis the prices of Mozzarella in reed leaves and myrtle arranged in wicker boxes and chestnut, the so-called "bunch of mozzarella".

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